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Today is National Daughters Day!

“A son is a son ’til he takes him a wife; a daughter is a daughter all of her life.” —Irish proverb

How to observe and celebrate National Daughters Day:

The Father-Daughter Dance: It’s a big event in many communities. On National Daughters Day, both fathers and daughters strut their best stuff on the dance floor after a delicious dinner in a main hall. If your town has no Father-Daughter Dance, consider putting one on with a local community group. An event like this will always be a golden memory.

Read about admired daughters: National Daughters Day is a wonderful time to review beloved stories like “Little Women” and “The Diary of Anne Frank,” a book which gives us a chance to read the thoughts and dreams of a daughter who faced unthinkable circumstances.

Let her take the lead: Since National Daughters Day is all about how great our daughters are, consider letting yours tell you what she wants to do today. Spa day? Sounds good. Bicycling in the park? Very nice. But if your daughter just wants to have a pajama party and hang with her crew, let that be her choice. It’s her day! (more National holidays on

No matter what kind of celebration is planned, her birthday, graduation or wedding, Live Tables Entertainment always happy to help!

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